Chair Anatomy: Design and Construction

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Chair Anatomy reveals in photos and illustrations the form and the construction details – the anatomy – of more than fifty chairs made in the last 150 years. In reducing chairs to their constituent parts, the book gets to the heart of each design: how pieces are designed and produced to fit together; why a certain material imparts a certain quality, functional advance or comfort level; and how the chair’s structure can withstand stress while being elegant and economical to produce. It also introduces the designers behind these chairs, their backgrounds and their routes to creating the chairs.

‘Exploding’ these chairs gives insight into the careful and detailed thinking that has gone into a piece of furniture that we take for granted, and offers designers and students, in a single reference source, a truly nuts-and-bolts perspective on masterpieces of design.

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ISBN 9780500021750
Idioma Inglês
Editora Thames and Hudson
Largura 22 cm
Comprimento (cm) 25 cm
Peso 1,300 kg
Páginas 240
Edição 1
Encadernação Capa dura
Ano 2018
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